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. This is the div1 content. HTML5 supports new features required by modern websites. Arun Karthic lists his top 7  Canvas in HTML5. Canvas is a rectangular area, which allows pixel level operations like  All you need to do is add an attribute named contentEditable="true" to the HTML control.

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The contentEditable attribute makes this task a lot easier.

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Ejemplo contenteditable.

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contenteditable attribute is a new feature added to HTML5. By the terminology, we understand that this attribute is used to specify that whether the contents of an element are  3. contenteditable = “inherit” - this is the default value in case if any value is not set. Add react-contenteditable and semantic-ui-react as the dependencies. react-contenteditable is a really nice component which makes working with contenteditable more bearable. 行,但是超出设置高度后会产生滚动条,当内容较多的时候二者的体验都不太好,这时候就要用到html5的contenteditable属性了,它可以使设置了这个属性的标签变为.

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The HTML5 Specification introduces many new semantic attributes in addition to new semantic elements. The contenteditiable attribute allows for the editing of content within any valid HTML5 element. By default, elements implicitly inherit edibility from their parent Create a simple HTML file, include a paragraph tag

., with attribute of contenteditable. The content of the paragraph become editable, you can change the content.

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Definition and Usage. The contenteditable attribute specifies whether the content of an element is editable or not.. Note: When the contenteditable attribute is not set on an element, the element will inherit it from its parent. Reading Time: 2 minutes My absolute favorite HTML5 attribute is "contenteditable".It makes the contents of the element editable. It’s an incredibly simple feature that has tons of potential for your website.In fact, I’ve already seen it paired with localStorage or Web SQL APIs to capture data and create browser-side interactivity. Una de las cosas nuevas que trae HTML5 es la de poder hacer los elementos de una página web editables, así el visitante podría poder en agregar, borrar o trasladar un elemento HTML a un determinado elemento. En la edición podemos usar 3 atributos: contentEditable: que nos permite hacer que elementos HTML y sus nodos hijos sean editables.

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The internal YUI instance bound to the ContentEditable element. _onContentReady on the internal instance so that the modules are loaded properly. The HTML5 Specification introduces many new semantic attributes in addition to new semantic elements.